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Best Trick Bash!!!

February 3, 2019

The first Broken Skateboards Best Trick contest is here! Come out to the Hollywood Free Park on Sunday February 3, bring  $10 bucks and pull off something stupid sick and go home with $500 cash money! Open skate starts at 12 and the contest starts at 2. Please bring any old skateboards, wheels, trucks (especially trucks) for donation for Boards For Bros. They are a really awesome charity helping kids get their first skateboard.

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Brake It Down

Broken is a skateboard company run by skaters for skaters...old crotchety skaters and future old crotchety skaters.

Brakin' Down

Broken makes skateboards and skateboard products for skaters who love to skateboard for what it is...a gnarly dirty thing you do by yourself (yes, masterbating) then going skating. 

Broken Down

We make products that we would ride or wear, mostly because it is funny or offensive, or a quality product (you know, whichever comes first.) So stay tuned for new products and updates!


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